Party For Clyde Jenkins – The “President of The Dumpster Industry”

The recent birthday celebration of Clyde Jenkins, owner of Sanitation, Waste Management and numerous dumpster rental companies around the U.S.A was awesome. This man who has distinguished his business based on how they service customers who need containers for rent is truly a great personality. The birthday coincided with his 35 years of active involvement in the dumpster rental industry. He spared no resource in ensuring that the celebration was up to the status that he had achieved in the society. Various A-list musicians were on ground to entertain the guests that came from different walks of life. He shared his story and how he rose to success at the birthday party.

Owner of Queens Dumpster Rental companyBefore we go into the details of his rise to fame, it is important to talk about the other issues surrounding the birthday bash. Express birthday planning was on hand to provide the logistics that ensured that guests who came from outside the State were properly lodged. They took cognizance of the fact that many visitors may decide to spend a few days after the birthday celebration before they make their return trip. Express birthday planning liaised with some travel and tour organizations to give the visitors various options that will show them round the city. The synergy was awesome as the birthday party seemed to be mixed with lots of fun and tourism.

On the day of the party, the guests were treated to a sumptuous meal that was prepared by one of the best caterers in the city. Express Birthday planning took care of all the back room staff and ensured that the event ran seamlessly. There was a period in the birthday where the sound system seemed to be dysfunctional, the organizing team quickly switched to a cool music that played till the system was rectified. Each area of organization was well marshaled by the planning team and it was obvious to everyone that they were experts in their trade. One of the guests at the party said he had not attended such a high brow and well organized party in a very long time. He gave kudos to express birthday planning for the great work done.

Mr. Clyde Jenkins told the guests that he never envisaged going into the waste management business. He said he wanted to be a Lawyer but his dreams could not pull through due to lack of financial support. In order not to live a life full of excuses, he decided to dive into the waste management business. He remembered the very challenging days where he could barely make enough money to feed himself. He stated that what kept him going was the fact that he knew there was a huge potential for success in the trade. Mr. Jenkins said that the turning point for his career was when he got a contract to service a huge events center.

At the end of his speech, the audience applauded and were treated to another round of music by one of the artists who was at the event. When the birthday party ended, most of the guests were so impressed with the package, design and flow of the event. They were quick to state that if all birthday parties were organized by Express birthday planning; they do not mind attending parties everyday!

Party For Clyde Jenkins – The “President of The Dumpster Industry”