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A Remarkable Birthday Celebration for the Waltech Home Inspection Company

The recent birthday bash held for the owner of Waltech Home Inspection – a local Long Island home inspection company was simply iconic. Express Birthday Planning was simply at its best as we set the tone of the hall to reflect royalty. Each of the curtains and various pillars in the hall used for the event were draped in Purple. We ensured that every moment in the event had a touch of royalty. The reason for this theme is that we wanted the birthday celebrant to understand that there is a King in each of us. Most of the staff, friends and family that attended the event were impressed with our choice of aesthetic and the tone of the birthday party.

A home inspectors birthday celebrationThe birthday began with the MC welcoming all the guests and everyone was allotted a seat in the hall. As the guests began to take their seat; a soft music was supplied by the DJ. The interesting part of this birthday bash is that the staff of Waltech Home Inspection served as the MC and DJ. They were quite good at the way they handled their beats and this brought life to the event. The opening stages of the party were used to allow the guests to locate their seats. After this, a period of 30 minutes was given for people to be able to get around and welcome each other to the occasion.

The party got into full swing when the celebrant arrived at the venue. He came with a convoy of cars that included members of his immediate family. He was dressed in all white attire and this helped to brighten up the atmosphere. Everyone kept commenting about how good the cloth looked on him. As he took his seat, the MC began by reading a brief citation about the celebrant. He asked everyone to rise and applaud him after he was through with reading his script. Also, the MC was quite pragmatic in the way he ensured that the time allotted to each event in the birthday party was not over-shot.

A picture of WalterExpress Birthday planning stepped into the fray and brought a touch of gold to the event. We began by showing clips of the celebrant in his younger days when he first signed on with the American Society of Home Inspectors and how he rose to be the CEO of the home inspection company. This move WOWED everyone that was in attendance and they kept wondering how we were able to get the clips. We simply told them that it is part of our trade secret as a leading event planning company. Towards the middle of the event, a dance was done by the celebrant and his wife; after which light refreshments were shared for everyone in attendance.

The event went on till the late hours of the night before the MC brought it to an end with a very rousing speech. As the guests left the venue, they were full of praises for Express Birthday planning due to the details that went into the success of the event. One of the things that they could not stop talking about was the clips that showed the different life stages of the celebrant. In all, the program was a resounding success.