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SpongeBob Party Theme

Sponge Bob Square Pants Birthday! Planning a Sponge Bob Birthday party for your child?

Dear Mom and Dad every boy really loves to have a Sponge Bob Birthday Party. Take many digital pictures to remember this special day and to start a huge picture library. Is your little boy approaching a birthday? Why not throw a themed Sponge Bob and Buddies birthday party to celebrate? This will make your little birthday child very happy for a year until his next birthday party! So many of the children love to run around with their friends. Set up a whole room with Sponge Bob from a variety of Wall decorations to an vast assortment tableware and party favors the little ones.

Preparing a Invitation List

Who is going to come to this party, relatives, the neighborhood friend and all the kids in school, OMG. You might want to start grabbing supplies now such as some Sponge Bob sweatbands, Sponge Bob bubbles and some Sponge Bob tattoos right now. There is everything from the Sponge Bob cake candle decorations to the amazing party wall decorations and tableware of course will be great, this birthday party will definitely be a huge hit. Themed birthday parties make decision-making easy and are fun and exciting to create for young children. Plan your next Sponge Bob theme party ahead of time. You can purchase Sponge Bob invitations and decorate them with cool stickers. Then send them out to guests before the date of the party with a request for an RSVP so you can plan accordingly.

Party Decorations

All Sponge Bob birthday will make decorating so much fun for the whole family. I put on the table a huge Sponge bob honeycomb centerpiece with Sponge Bob Friends foil danglers with attached cutouts. My daughter threw confetti all over the tables for a little extra fun. Stock up on some Sponge Bob dinner and dessert plates, Sponge Bob hot cold paper cups, and napkins, or use solid orange tableware. Do the same with table coverings and get lots of style Sponge Bob balloons and Patrick or Squid worm to inflate and hang everywhere. A great color combination is yellow, orange and light blue. So many color of streamers and latex balloons are available also add a festive flair with a low pice tag. Get Sponge Bob blowouts and treat sacks for the younger ones for even more festivity. Try matching all your Sponge Bob supplies together.

Fun Party Games

Children everywhere love a party with a Sponge Bob Square Pants piñata, so pick up a piñata and fill it with 2 pounds of pinata filler candy and small toys and party favors like fun tops and water games in advance of the big day. In case it rains or snows that fun day why not try an indoor game. I picked Sponge Bob party game, good for up to 8 players. All the guests loved it!

Putting together Goody Bags

You can probably anticipate that most of the guests will bring presents wrapped in Sponge Bob gift wrap or orange paper or tucked in all sorts of deigned Sponge Bob and friends gift bags, so the scene will be even more lively. But don't forget that for children's parties, all of the children should have some fun goodies and treats to take home. Create some Sponge Bob themed goody bags early to ensure each child at the party has a present of their own when they leave. Suggestions for filling them? So many cheap party favors available for girls and boys. Some items I selected were plastic dinner plates, plastic souvenir cups and stickers.

Notes to remember. Don't to forget to send out thank you note to all your guest for coming and for the cool presents. Maybe add a photo of that day and mail in with thank you notes. Have a Great Party!!

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